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XenCentric.com is one of the more reliable hosting services I’ve used. They always get back to you with a solution, unlike many others.

— David Dade

Welcome to the new home of PurleyHosting

XenCentricHosting is the new name of PurleyHosting.com

Our hosting operations operated under the trading name purleyhosting.com since 2006. Why the change?

Several reasons:

1. Hosting is not regional

We have customers from all over the UK, and many from outside it, so having a name based on our location only means something if you happen to live in the same town as us. A few of our clients are local to Purley (which is a small town in Greater London) but the majority are dotted around the UK.

2. A case of mistaken identity

About 10 months ago, a company formed in the US with a name that was almost identical to ours. They joined some home-based working internet scam and this saw us inundated with support emails incorrectly addressed. We now spend more time redirecting people to the correct hosting company than answering queries from our own customers!