How to import an existing application into Installatron

Installatron series

4. How to import an existing application into Installatron

If you’ve installed an application from another auto installer or manually, you can import it to be managed through Installatron.

1) Go to the Applications Browser.

2) Find the script in the menu on the left.

We’ll use b2evolution for this example.

3) Click Import Existing Install.

4) Click Next.

5) Choose the domain and path on your server where the script is installed.

6) Click Next.

7) Select the installed version and click Next.

For this part, you will need the application’s database name, username, and password.

8) Choose the database name from the list.

9) If the database username is different than shown, enter the right username.

10) Enter the database password.

11) Click Next.

12) Click Submit.

After a moment, the software will be imported.

13) Click Complete.

14) Click this link to view your imported installation.

Here is our newly imported install. Everything seems to be working.