How to upgrade applications in Installatron

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9. How to upgrade applications in Installatron

If there is a new version of an application installed in Installatron, you can upgrade to the latest one.

If an application is up to date, a green check will be displayed next to the version like shown here.

If there’s a newer version, a button will be displayed.

1) Click the button to begin.

2) Click Next.

Here we can see the latest version and the current version. You can select an earlier version to upgrade to, but it’s recommended that you upgrade to the latest.

3) Click Next.

4) Select whether or not to create a backup in case something breaks during upgrading.

5) Click Next.

6) Click Submit.

7) Click Complete.

8) Click this link to view our newly upgraded application.

Everything appears to have upgraded correctly.

That’s it! You now know how to upgrade an application in Installatron.